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PALM OIL AND ITS MIRACLES (Part 1) By Toyese Oyerinde


palm oilPalm oil, which comes from the fruit of a palm tree have been around as memories could determine, It has also been a very staple item in the food of our forefathers. the fruit of Palm tree have been home to the tropical forest of generations and is very peculiar and home to the people of west Africa continent. This is a food that have been consumed since the beginning of life of our forefathers. It’s so rich in lots of vitamins and enzymes that it was once sought after, by nearly all the populations in the world. No wonder that it was reverred by the pharoah of Egypt as a priced commodity, that it was reported to have been found in the tomb of one of the kings of Egypt in his burial site. Such was the wonders and it’s usefulness that it found its way to the mind and body of the high and might of past generations. Now, if, it was that good as to have been highly priced, then why suddenly it now became villain? That nobody in the food and beverage industries want to see this wonderful gift of nature around us again? The answer is pure and simple, it is pure marketing and profit. The soya farmers were looking for a way to sell their products which is soy oil, corn oil, safflower oil etc that all came from what they were producing, came together to launch an attack on the palm oil as to the fact that, it causes heart attack, high in cholesterol and all what have you. While causing a careful campaign campsite the help of a powerful lobby group that represents them in the US congress, they were able to have their way and the congress then, passed a legislation to the effect that Palm oil from Africa causes heart attack and high in cholesterol as a result, food manufacturers were advised to reduce their usage and consequently avoid palm oil in their food preparations.

The truth of the matter is that, it does not causes heart attack nor does it contribute to higer cholesterol in our body. In fact, if, there is anything, it helps reduces heart attack and in no way contribute to high cholesterol in our body. For avoidance of doubt, without cholesterol in our body, our sexes could not be determined . I will limit this discussions to why we should look at the palm oil again (red) and begin to consume it in a fairly large quantities that we may deem fit. In fact, a poser to those that says the red palm oil is not good is that; did their fathers ever consume any other oil while he was around? 2. With all the sophistication of sciences and medical world, why is it that our life expectancy is getting reduced by the day? when was first case of heart attack ever reported in medical world? What was our major consumption then? Lots of poser here.

Palm oil, contains some of the best NUTRIENTS that if well taken, it could aid our system in fighting off some of the degenerative diseases that are currently affecting our generations and even beyond.



Vitamin E

Alpha – tocopherol. ——– 2.26 mg

Alpha – tocotrienol ——– 2.97 mg

Gamma – tocotrienol. —– 4.68 mg

Delta — tocotrienol. —– 1.28 mg

Total. —- tocotrienol —— 11.20 mg



Alpha – carotene.     ——- 2. 59 mg

Beta – carotene. ———– 3.32 mg

Other – carotene ———– 1.09 mg

Total mixed carotene —– 7.00 mg



Coq10.                   —— — 600 mcg

Sterols.                 ———- 6 mg

Squaelne.           ———– 5 mg


All of the above composition makes red palm oil an essentially good fat that our body needs on daily basis. Without adequate good fat in our body, our body will not be able to absurd some of the nutrients that are locked in the food that we eat on daily basis. Fat is necessary for proper digestion of food in our system as it slows down movement of food in our stomach and digestive system so that food are bathe in the stomach acid, and be in contact with digestive system . This actions will unlock the nutrients that are available in our food and get absorbed by the body. Palm oil is very rich in Vitamins A no wonders it has successfully been used to treat night blindness in children as well as adult. In fact, lots of advise are now being given to Confectionaries makers to include palm oil in their baking materials.


This comprises of all (nols) listed above as all of them combine to form vitamin E. This is a vitamin that has been labelled as anti-aging, anti-inflammation and antioxidant by lipids researchers. This is so because, it’s been found to boost immune system, improves sexual potency and increases athelitic performance. Also, it has been reported in some medical journal that I have researched, and personal experiences with some patients as well as carried out by this writer,to protect against carcinogenic agents, Heart disease, and relieving symptoms associated with menopause while not loosing sight of healing of wounds and prevent scarring. A deficiency of this good fat, have been reported to lead to degeneration of red blood cells, aneamia, muscle degeneration, weakness as well as fibrocystic breast disease.

Our body work force which is immune system requires vitamin E to work effectively to be able to protect us against cancer and disease causing microorganisms. Without adequate vitamin E, the entire body quickly deteriorate, accelerating aging process and also leaving cancer virus to attacks our cells with ease. One of the major factor is that this vitamin, have the ability to act as an antioxidant, it is also found in every cells of our body where it’s main job is to functions as a body guard against free radicals. Free radicals formation have been found to be the main cause of cancer and other degenerative, eating this oil, have a tremendous effect on the formation of free radical that could lead to cancer growth.

The best food that contain most naturally occurring vitamin E is red palm oil. This oil into our food on daily basis, goes a long way in giving our body all the ammunitions it needs to fight off infections and gaining some of the benefits listed above. In terms of effectiveness, polyunsaturated oils which comprises of corn oil, soy oil,safflower oil etc cannot and will never compete with this good fat. In fact, my research as well as applications and experiences have shown that free radical formation have a direct link with polyunsaturated oil consumption.



Of all the carotene that are contained and studied so far, beta – carotene is the most important. This is so because, it is the most potent and effective as it easily get converted into vitamin A by our body. It is often referred to amongst lipid researchers as provitamin A. Beta – carotene has the highest conversion rates amongst its families.

Vitamin A has got lost of benefits to our body ranging from boosting our immune system, tissue repairs, protection against injury as well as fighting of night blindness. No wonder In the biblical age, scientist and doctors treated night blindness by recommending to the sufferer consumption of goat liver – a rich source of vitamin A. Off all carotenoids present and studied extensively, beta carotene is the least effective but because it easily get converted by our body, it has become most important. Palm oil, contains more carotenoids more than any other source (s). Red palm oil, has about 500 – 700 mg/kg of provitamin A, this is 15 times more than what can be found in carrots and also 300 times more than what tomatoe contains.

Consuming too much red palm oil red palm oil, have been argued by some scientist and Doctors that it could have side effect since it’s carotenoids get converted easily to Vitamin A. This could easily be debunked to mean that our food could easily be a problem to us. Amongst diseases that have been said to occur is liver damage. But ,they have failed to say and compare vitamin A from a food source to Vitamin A from synthetic approach. Consumption of synthetic vitamin A have been extensively studied and documented to have that effect on the liver and not vitamin A from food source hence, palm oil consumption has never been associated with liver damage instead, it’s been documented that it help protect liver against free radical formation and our body processes vitamins from food source better than synthetic source. Also, because it is a fat soluble, it is much more safer to consume that synthetic ones. I recommend consuming this wonderful oil to my readers and even if too much is consumed, the body being a very powerful manchine, will just convert its carotene to vitamin A that it needs and nothing more.



This also, is a natural occurring lipids and similar to beta – carotene. It is also found in plants and animals with its greatest concentration is shark oil with appreciable amounts found in palm oil, olive oil, rice bran oil and wheat germ. This lipid have been found to be good in treating various diseases and also found to be good for immune system . The oil is transported in the blood like other lipids with its greatest concentration in e skin where it is one of the major components of sebum – the oil on our skin. Since our body is such a wonderful machine that could manufacture anything it wants and need from our food, it could also transform this lipid into sterols which could then be used to make vitamin D and other hormones like estrogen etc. Also, from sterols, cholesterol could also be manufactured. Consumption of SQUALENE or red palm oil in fairly large quantities does not raise blood cholesterol because, when SQUALENE is consumed, good cholesterol increases thereby excreting the bad cholesterol in bile acids resulting in the equalizing effects on total cholesterol.

Excess consumption of red palm oil, apart from aiding good functioning of total cholesterol, a larger percentage finds it’s way to the skin where it makes up a significant proportion of our body’s natural oil (sebum). 12% of sebum consist of SQUALENE so, consuming squalene, helps moisturise and protect the skin and regulate surface environment. It also plays a vital role in protecting our skin from oxidizing and damaging effects of oxygen, ultraviolet light and environmental pollutants as well as helping to speed wounds. This lipid is a major components of skin care products because it is a good moisturizer and naturally called SUN BLOCKERS.




This is a fat soluble substance that is present in every human being. Although, it is yet to be classified as a vitamin, but, it is so Essential to health that a deficiency of it could trigger a lot of health problems. This COQ10 is the most important in human body because it is involved in the process of producing energy in the cell hence, it’s importance. It is closely related to vitamin E and they both work and lived synergetically and symbiotically. COQ10 is present in small quantities in variety of foods and are particularly high in organ meat such as heart, liver, kidneys, sardines, mackerel and fruits of palm oil where we derived palm oil. Although, our body can make this all important enzymes but, it’s production especially if, our food are low on sources where it could be manufactured, it could be very cumbersome process to achieve and it requires at least 17 processes which needs at least again, 7 vitamins and other trace minerals . Much of this will be spared here and discussed later.

This enzymes is known to be concentrated in the heart muscle. It makes sense because, the heart, one of the body most energetic organs, beat approximately 100,000 times a day, 36 million times a year and it depends on COQ10 for its energy. Therefore, a deficiency of this enzymes, can lead to heart failures. In fact, heart failures documents available have shown a big correlation with low level of this enzymes in most of the sufferers.

COQ10 have been shown to help heart functions effectively by enhancing pumping action and electrical signaling as well as helping lower blood pressure. Trials have been done with some heart disease patients and dramatic results have been achieved. One of the risk factors of heart disease patients is that elevated blood pressure can put strains on the artery walls thereby initiating the process of plague formation. Applying this enzymes, the blood pressure that leads to plague formation could reduced hence, lower blood pressure. Also, this enzymes have been demonstrated to have a very protective effects on heart during chemotherapy and radiation in cancer patients. Palm oil being one of the richest natural source of COQ10, it contains about 45 mg/kg of this enzymes. Therefore , adding palm oil to one diet, can help makes our heart functions effectively and efficiently and to the sufferer of heart disease, it can be of great help in making ones heart function as it was again.




Palm oil contains a variety of plant sterols or phytosterols notably sitosterol, stigmasterol and campsterols. Phytosterols are present in small quantities in palm oil maybe about 350-650 parts per million in red palm oil while in refined palm oil, it’s about 100-160 parts per million. The main focus on this small quantities is that it has a great ability to lower blood cholesterol. The great ability of lowering cholesterol is so high that years ago, before lowering cholesterol drugs were invented, phytosterols from plant were prescribed to sufferer of high cholesterol. They were successful but, only limitations is that they were difficult to ingest compared drugs of today’s world. Plant sterols achieved this, by simple action of limiting the absorption of cholesterol from our food and also , limiting the absorption of cholesterol in the intestinal tract.





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