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NULYFE KoKoNutty Healing Oil and Hypertension/Pregnant Mothers



This is called a ‘silent killer’ simply because it has no obvious symptom as some people may not even know that they have it until they have trouble with their heart, brain, or kidneys. In medical world, it has been defined as the force pushing against the walls of arteries.
High Blood pressure put a strain on the heart,causing it to grow larger, which may lead to heart failures. Excessive pressure against the artery walls causes minutes injuries that lead to chronic inflammation and the development of hardening of the walls of the HEART called atherosclerosis and tons can lead to heart attack and stroke.
Atherosclerosis, is associated with plague that develops in the walls of the arteries . Plague consist of mixture of scar tissue, calcium and fatty deposits. It gradually builds up within the walls and narrowing the passage through which the blood flows. Calcium deposits hardened the artery and reduces the elasticity. Normally, the arteries expand with each heartbeat to accommodate the pulses of the blood that flows through them. But, the arteries that narrowed and hardened cannot expand, so blood pressure rises. The increased pressure puts a lot of strain on the heart and damage the artery walls further. Lesions develops in the artery wall and that’s where the plague are likely to form, thus making the development of hardening of the heart a self accelerating process.
It’s been established that many things influences the development of blood pressure and dietary fat is majorly being accused of blood pressure development especially, polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fat are classified into two main groups omega -6 and omega -3. Oils classified as omega – 6 are soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil and most other vegetable oils especially from the western world while omega- 3 are flaxseed oil and fish oil. While omega -6 increases blood vessel constriction, increase inflammatory response, and increase blood platelet stickiness , omega -3 does the reverse. So one can see that while one increases blood pressure. Omega-3 decreases it. But , for the fact that, it easily and quickly go RANCID during production process and while being used for cooking, exposure sunlight as well as oxygen makes it a bad choice for usage. If you eat any of the following margarine, cooking vegetable oil, shortening or any packaged food, one is just consuming omega -6 oil which are major culprit in the formation and development of High Blood pressure.
Having understand this aspect of the process, then what can Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil can do for you? . The Healing Oil when taken internally or added to our food preparation does not increases formTion of hardening of arteries. It reduces and dilute the effect of omega-6 fatty acids in one systems. When also used to prepare foods, Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil is very heat stable hence, it does not go RANCID like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated Oil does. So, this makes the oil very good for our daily lives. Our recommendation is that for any sufferer of this dreaded disease, we recommend that the vegetable oil used daily in their cooking be replaced with a highly saturated Oil like this one for a better health and reduction in their Blood pressure will be achieved.

Pregnant mothers have a higher demand for nutrition during and after pregnancy but! it is more during the pregnant time as the unborn child too demands this nutrients from them too for proper development but! because of what we have been eating over the years which are heavily processed foods! carbohydrate! sugar! and what not. This alone have made nutrients from mother to unborn child deplete at an alarming rate. No wonder why children born these day are now becoming highly hyperactive and all that, this is because, what goes in from the mother to child is not of any nutritional value any more.
Also, human breast milk which predominantly comprises of saturated fat, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat but, composition of it is as follows; 65%, 24% and 11% respectively. So what that means is that our mothers needs to get more good fat into their diets on daily basis to get the child develop very well. This is where NUlyfe KoKoNutty healing Oil comes in, because it’s a good fat that will increase the quality of milk of the mother during lactating period and while the baby is inside the womb, it protect the foetus environment to ensure that the baby develops well and also gets good nitrients
A sister had a baby diagnosed for SEPSIS. It means contamination of Blood. The baby was less than a week old. All antibiotics being administered on the baby , could not achieve much until this oil was introduced to the baby. The rest they say is now history. For confirmation too, she could be contacted on 08039644025. She is Kunbi Oyerinde Idris by name.


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