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Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil and Cancer


CoconutOilTo the Medical world, cancer forms as a result of some formation of free radicals within the bodies. My question has always been, what lead to the formation of the cells becoming free radicals? I have not been able to get a satisfactory answer to this. But, in my studies of the disease, I have found out that, lipid preoxidation is majorly the cause of the formation of free radicals within an average human being. This apart from the chemicals that we are expose to, on daily basis as well as the chemicals used in manufacturing some of our body creams that we use on daily basis.
I will limit myself to just what we get through the polyunsaturated oil that we consume in our foods on daily basis. Once this raw materials goes into production from the farm, oxidation sets in, by its exposure to heat, oxygen, and sunlight while on the shelve in the stores, amongst other conditions. The fruits for these oil are not strong enough to withstand what they have been subjected to, ( heat). So, once oxidized, through production process, they attack cells within us and also make them to be oxidized too thereby leading to free radical formation; then primary source of cancer. At this stage, they are self serving.
Nulyfe KoKoNutty healing oil, when taken internally, will prevent this from happening and, very stable enough, to withstand any form of heat. Since they are very organic, it is very good for consumption thereby eliminating formation of any free radical formation at any level.
A testimony from a friend in Kano point to the efficacy of the oil. He has a friend that had lump in her breast. When the Healing oil was introduced to her, she testify to the fact that the pain that usually accompany it, reduced and that the lump is reducing gradually. For confirmation, his contact is Alhaji Mudasiru Adebayo of access bank 08030899743. Evening calls pls.

Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil and Obesity

I call this 21st century disease and primarily, a lot of people and sufferer tend to get its source right but, are not sure of what to do to stop it. I can convinently, say that it’s as a result of our over consumption of our polyunsaturated oil and over processed flour, white rice etc which are used to prepare what most of us like the most e.g, our meat pie, snacks etc. I will not blame the food industry for this but, I will blame our laziness in food preparation. Our love for food on the go is killing us and until we stop this, it may eventually wipe us off the face of the earth. I call our fast food, snacks, coke and Pepsi , ‘weapon of mass destruction’.
Consumption of sugars, white flour and processed foods and oil that were used to fry our foods are major culprit in this regards. What our Healing oil can do is that, when consumed, it gives feeling of fullness thereby eliminating unnecessary thirst for in between meals and reduction in hunger level. it will reduce thirst for in between meals that will leave unnecessary deposit of fat in our body thereby increasing our Metabolic rate. It will gives us lot of energy for the accomplishment of daily activities. Once this could be achieved, obesity will reduce.
I have heard and seen experience of people that I have introduced this Healing Oil to, coming back with lots of testimonies with regards to this. My father that I got this formulation from, lived up till 95 years old and was always between 70-80kg throughout his life time. When I started taking this myself, I dropped some pound and I was able to have my fitted shirts back again. I would say that the secret to living a good life is in this oil.

Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil and Digestive and Nutrients Absorption Disorders

In the last five decades, the world have been faced with lots of digestion problems and this has caused mankind many untold health problems. But, our laboratory and human experience have shown us that our healing oil is metabolized differently once it gets into contact with the saliva of both humans and animals alike. This is so because, the molecules that make up this oil are smaller, they require fewer and less enzymes to break them down for digestion. They are digested and absorbed quickly and with minimal effort; to the extent that the pancreatic fat digesting enzymes are not needed. This is good news for those suffering one form of digestive problems or the other, especially infants that their digestive organs are yet to be developed.
Also, as we age gradually, our digestive organs don’t function as they used to, when we were young hence, these often leads to mineral deficiencies in some adult, we recommend that this oil be included in the meal preparation for these adult in order to get all the vitamin and minerals back to them . Unlike other fat, this oil when it get into the stomach, get almost converted into ENERGY in the liver to fuel metabolism hence, there have been testimonies from people that use it that immediately they ingest it, they feel full for the better part of the day and their energy level increased tremendously.
Other fat, gets absorbed into the intestinal wall and packed into bundles of fats called lipoproteins and this require a lot of process by the human system called lymphatic system bypassing the liver before it finally get dropped in the bloodstream, where they are circulated throughout the body. As they circulate, their fatty components agents dropped and distributed Into the cells and tissues of the body. This is the process all day when other fats are consumed. But, Nulyfe oil, does not goes through this process but get utilised up by the liver to produce energy.
Cells get all the energy they need daily from fatty acid and glucose in order to fuel metabolism daily. Long chain fatty acid that our food majorly contain require special enzymes called insulin to carry them through the cells walls and feed those cells . Without these action of insulin, most, if not all the cells will die off as glucose and LCFA will not find their way into these cells. This is a concerns to people that are insulin resistant especially type 2 diabetes patients. Benefits of this oil is that it does not require special enzymes before it can get to the cells and feed them. A major advantage you agree with me. So, we recommend that both the young and old use this oil in order to better their health .

Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil and Crohn Disease.

This is a disease that is caused by the inflammation of the intestinal wall and it is characterised by diarrhea, abdominal pains, bleeding ulcer, bloody stools, anemia as well as weight loss. The inflammation can occur anywhere within the digestive system; from the mouth to the rectum. It could also affect the colon ie the lower part of the intestinal tract. It could also lead to food absorption problems which may lead to nutritional deficiencies. Sufferer may find some food challenging to them and it usually lead to the sufferer looking out for food the the system can tolerate. This disease has no known cure, while drugs can sometimes reduce its effects at times, when the condition gets worse, surgery is usually recommended to the affected parts of the body.
The good news here is that, one of the sufferer that I happen to come in contact with and I recommend the oil to, came back with lots of good testimonies of improvement just after two weeks of being on the oil. This is very possible because of the antimicrobial properties thst are present in the oil. It has ability to impact positively on the intestinal wall and tract by killing the troublesome micro organisms that may cause inflammation.

Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil and Osteoporosis

This is weakness of bones in an adult. One of the benefits of the oil that I have found out in many years of using it on humans is that, a lot of people have shown tremendous increase in the nutrients absorption most especially premature infants that I have come across. Absorption of amino acids, calcium and magnesium have increased whenever I administer this oil on an infants that were born prematurely . Regardless of age, bones can become weak due to a number of factors ranging from deficiencies of these minerals. Free radicals from oxidised vegetable oil interfere with bone formation thus contributing to osteoporosis But, experience from adults that have suffered from this diseases, have shown tremendous improvement whenever they are administered this oil.
This is a disease that plague women naturally as they age and it’s due primarily to the imbalance in the formation of progesterone to estrogen. Our bodies makes progesterone naturally while environmental estrogen from meat, milk and pesticides interfere with the natural ones in our bodies. I have extensive documents from women that I have had contact with on this and the oil has had a very good impact in reversing this disease once it has happened.

Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil and Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder in the system is to store bile and also to regulate bile. The function of bile in digestive function is to break down fats into small particles. Bile is produced in the liver and goes into the intestine where it breaks down the fats. Without bile, fats digestion enzymes could not complete it’s job and this may lead to serious digestive problems as well as nutritional deficiencies. When gallbladder is surgically removed, fat digestion is greatly hindered because bile which is being secreted by the liver, goes into the intestines and this will not be enough for fat digestion actions to effectively and efficiently takes place. This leads to malabsorption of vitamins A,D,E and K and beta carotene. The deficiencies of these vitamins may not be immediately known but, over time, it will manifest in various ways.
Sufferer of this disease that I have had opportunity of coming in contact with and whom I have recommended the oil to, have come back with lots of good testimonies especially those that I have asked to include the oil into their diets. The testimonies is very possible because, this oil, does not need the action of pancreatic enzymes nor bile for the action of fat digestion. The oil goes directly to where it is needed within human body and does its job efficiently.

Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil and HIV Prevention

This is the monster of the 21st century and it has claimed more lives in the whole wide world. Lots of drugs have been developed to fight this menace yet, it is still waxing stronger mainly because, it is a virus and as is the case with other virus, it has become very and highly resistant to these drugs. Why has it become stronger to drugs? Is because it is a lipid coated virus.
One of the set backs of the drugs that have been developed so far is that they have undesired effect on the sufferer like muscle wasting, nausea,vomiting, anorexia, bone marrow suppression, ulceration, skin rash anemia,fatigue and altered mental function. The anti retroviral drugs that have been developed so far, have the effects of suppressing the immune system in the sufferer which means that the only defence mechanism given to human by God is being attacked by the drugs so, what that means is that, the drugs kills off both the virus as well as immune system that makes up a human being. Eventually, any sufferer using this drugs will die off.
Unlike the standard drugs that attacks the genetic materials of the virus, our Healing oil simply breaks the virus apart from its coated membrane and hence the immune system to fight off the remaining part of the virus and get it killed. Very simple.
I have had cause to work with a sufferer from LUTH who had as a viral load count about 800,000 in his blood. Administering the oil on him with a directive to ingest 3-4 tbsp a day, his viral load count came down to an undetectable level and he’s now living a normal life like you and me .
What gave the Healing Oil it’s powerful effect on degenerative diseases is that once it gets into human saliva , it gets converted to monolarium that gives it, it’s antimicrobial, antiprotozoa and it’s anti fungal properties that are very effective on any form of degenerative diseases and infections as well.

Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil and Cure all Syndrome.

I will not say that the Healing Oil is a cure all, for all ailment that afflict human race, but, the above submission is what I have been privilege to, as an information from the people that have used it as well as my own personal experience. However , taking this oil by anybody will not have any adverse effect as what makes up the oil are purely herbs and foods that are commonly grown in and around us. What I have just done is to bring it together by the Grace of the Almighty God and make it available to Mankind for the treatment and prevention of various diseases as well as having a healthy life full of youthful energy. Since it’s a food, incorporating the oil in our diet on daily basis will take us away from Doctor daily.
However, I recommend that when this oil is taking and the ailment one is having does not go, kindly seek help of a doctor or a certified naturopath person for further advise.

Free Radicals Formation and Antioxidant ( Links between free radicals and diseases)

All of the above diseases have something in common. You may wish to ask what is that? Some people tend to believe that all of the above disease has to do with aging but, even young people are now having it. So what is the problem? The one thing that tie all these things together as well as most other degenerative diseases is free radicals.
Free radicals are renegade molecular entities that causes destruction throughout the bodies. They are unstable molecules that have lost an electron in their formulation causing them to be highly reactive. In an effort for a molecule to have a balance, it attack a nearby molecule staeling an electron from the molecule. Doing this, leaves the molecules that an electron have been stolen to become a free radical itself and so the process goes on and on until a complete chain reaction have been achieved. Once a molecule become a free radical, it’s chemical properties changes, the normal function of such a cell is permanently altered. Accumulation of the damage over a long period of time leads to lots of diseases that surface later in ones life. In fact, am of the strong opinion that aging, wrinkled skins and lots of other things are as a result of free radicals formation within our cells. Am waiting for a researcher to disapprove this with me and am open to discussions on this.
Free radicals are a product of preoxidation. When iron oxidises, free radicals are formed and when oxidations happens to fats, such oil goes rancid . When tissues are oxidises. Plague are formed. These free radicals are very destructive and when left unchecked, they damage every part of our cells. Good news is that our bodies are made by God in such a way that it can self protect itself from the formation of these radicals by producing many antioxidant enzymes to stop all these. Also, many of our food contains antioxidant also example is vitamin C and E in most of our food. But, most of the food we eat these days does not contain many of these natural antioxidant elements . Also, our environment is now so polluted that chemicals are daily being released into the atmosphere that causes us to develop free radicals

The protective role of antioxidant in our life is very big in the sense that, they protect us from the problems caused by free radical formation within us. The oxidative process that occur in fats are called preoxidation . This is a major concerns to us in nutrition world in the sense that it generates lots of destructive free radicals that can have significant impact on our health. Unsaturated fat ; especially polyunsaturated fat easily goes rancid during process and this generates lots of free radicals. Antioxidant have been found to protect these oil from preoxidation and that’s what Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil will do to anybody that uses it both internally or topically. Since this oil is highly saturated in fat, it will prevent formation and growth of free radical in our system .


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