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Nulyfe Healing Oil and Diabetes


CoconutOilDiabetes, this is a disease that plague human race especially Africans and Nigerians in particular as a result of our civilization and exposure to the western diets and ways of lives. Most especially, to refined foods and processed sugars. It’s a disease that tends to develops into heart disease as a result of poor circulation of the blood and also with tendencies to develop into atherosclerosis, that is hardening of the arteries.
Every cells in our body needs a continual supply of either glucose or fatty acids to fuel metabolic functions and also to keep them alive. If cells can’t get enough of glucose and fatty acids, they become weakened and may eventually die off. If this happens , capillaries and blood vessels deteriorate and atherosclerosis develops. The hormone insulin is important because it takes the glucose and fatty acids into the blood streams and also, brings them into the cells for nourishment. Without insulin, glucose can’t enter the cells.
The two most important common types of diabetes are TYPE 1 and TYPE 2. Type 1 occurs when pancreas is unable to produce insulin to meet the body’s need while in Type 2, the body may be able to produce the needed insulin but, the body cells may have become unresponsive to it. This is called insulin resistance.
In both type of the disease, cells are deprived nourishment. The lack of this nourishment causes the cells to weaken and die off; blood vessels tend to degenerate causing circulation problems. Artery walls that have become damaged develops plague that clog the arteries , leading to heart attack and stroke- the two leading causes of death in diabetics. A lack of circulation to the eyes may lead to diabetics induced blindness and in the kidneys, can cause kidney disease.
Naturally, to diabetics patients, low fat diet is generally recommended because fats are believed to increase the risk of obesity and heart disease both of which are associated with diabetes. However, Nulyfe Healing Oil, may be one of the best food for a diabetics patients, this is because it contains lots of medium chain fatty acids that dose not require insulin for feeding of body’s cell for daily metabolic function. Nulyfe Healing Oil could pass through the cell membrane and also enter without depending on insulin. The medium chain fatty acids in Nulyfe KoKonutty Healing Oil can penetrate this double membrane without the aid of any carrier, thus keeping alive the cells in our bodies.
What it thus means is that whether insulin is being produced regularly by pancreas or not, Nulyfe KoKoNutty Healing Oil improves circulation in the body and also, they provide nourishment for the cells in order to make them alive. It also prevents hardening of the arteries, keep the blood vessels alive and also healthy. A daily dosage of this healing oil is what is needed daily to keep the sufferer going and also keep him or her away from synthetic drugs. This Healing oil, also helps insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. The Healing oil also stimulate metabolism, inincreasing the production of insulin and absorption of glucose into the cells.
It has been proven by some of the people that have been using this oil that once their blood sugar or glucose level rises and they take a tablespoon of this oil, within an hour and a half, the sugar level comes down to the normal level. This is very possible because, once this oil is taken, it sends a strong signal to the pancreas to switched off and insulin level stabilizes . Once this happens, complications and risk associated with diabetes and blood sugar problems are greatly reduced.

For more information on this, contact Lanre Akanmu on 08054885628 or 08025806282. He is a Medical Doctor in LUTH
For Nulyfe Healing Oil, call Toyese Oyerinde on 08087674525


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